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two_shea's Journal
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Below are the 3 most recent journal entries recorded in two_shea's LiveJournal:

Sunday, May 30th, 2004
11:36 am
Page number 1...my mothers book...
Note::This is the roughest copy in the world::

To Make a Long Story Short...

My earliest memories of my life was when I four. And we lived on Madison Ave in Rochester. It was a yellow house sitting on a hill. And I can remember my two sisters Susan and Margo selling Lemonade in front of the house. The only rooms I can remember in the house was the Kitchen and my room who I shared with my brother who was a baby, and my sisters room which had bunk bed and it was no bigger then a closet. In the early hours of the morning I could always find my mother at the kitchen playing Solitaire and sometime when I did not go out I could hear her crying. In time I would learn why she cried but at four year old I couldn’t understand it.

At age five I remember having a brand new dress and I went off to show the neighborhood how pretty I looked. A neighborhood boy named Gary put a frog in the back of my dress, I remember running home and feeling the frog his slimy legs up and down my back and few hops in between. It seemed for ever, but finally I made it home. Only to have my mother also being afraid of frogs trying to help me get out f my dress. From this day on my hatred of frogs began.

We moved to the Farm in Hansonville road Gonic New Hampshire in 1961. I remember this move cause I honestly believe my father forgot to take my toys. Grammy Mable helped me search the barn to look for my toys but I could not find the toys but I could not find them. Later on when I was nine or ten I talked my father in to going to Madison Ave to trick or treat and as soon as I knocked on the door and my father was safely in the car, I asked them if I could search the kitchen for the bag of toys that were by the stove. Margo said was saying she was going to tell daddy but the women kindly let me in and to my dismay they were not there. I have never gone back to the house since.

The farm was beautiful and my father made it even more beautiful. It was so neat and litter anywhere and people that would pass by asked my father if they could take a picture because it was so beautiful. My father always wanted to have a farm of his own and we quickly started to get our animals. Our first animal we got was a pony named Missy who was a stallion. One day Missy got out. And when my father confronted him he got on his hind legs and front legs came down hard on my fathers shoulders. My best friends Sharon was the to witness this horrific scene. For like minutes but really only like seconds my father and Missy wrestled and low and behold my father won. I couldn’t wait the next day to go to school and tell all of my friends how string my father was. But Sharon beaten me to it. And so I had no body to tell. But I knew then that my father was powerful in more ways than one.
~Roxanne Melissa LeClair Guldbrandsen Luscomb Shea~
11:08 am
Je detest mon l'ordinature!...
My computer is sooo slow here at home! I got back from work last night and it wouldnt let me use the internet! For the love of pete...what was that all about?

But anyways I am still new to this whole...live journal thing...so I dont have any certain friend list...becasue I dont know how to make one...haha...So I will have to work on that.

But yeah, Yesturday I went to work and then Langer, Acorn, The bosses kids-::Sarah, Sean:: and my Boss, Jon, we all went to Funspot for the fireworks. Which may I note were ten times better then Alton fireworks...haha...go figure. But after the fireworks we went on the Go Carts across the street...SO MUCH FUN!...and oh yeah, Acorn had a one arm man yell at him...good stuff!

But today Pops was extreemly busy. I usually like rushes like that but not when I have to work with Sean, Sarah, Josh, and then later on Jakey. My lord Langer and Acorn were the ones keeping me sane. I dont know, I didnt have a good time today. It was rather crappy. what ever I will have to do the same thing tomorrow. But tomorrow I have rehearsal at college. So thats good because now I dont have to clean up and close pops!

Tomorrow I have to be off book for the rehearsal. I am. But still I am nervous.

I really miss my New England College friends. I know its only been like 2 and a half weeks but...I really do miss them alot.

I havent really hung out with many people here at Alton, except for the ones that work at Pops. I dont know maybe I have been to busy. Who knows.

I right..well I cant open up my word perfect...so I will try to put the first page of my moms book in tomorrow...i hope...

Saturday, May 29th, 2004
12:30 pm
The first of hopefully many...
Well...this is exciting. I got this because of Jill, gotta love her. I dont have much to say right now other than what I did today.

Alright my mother woke me up this morning ::you know my mom:: and she had a dream. She said, "I just had a dream about the farm.::my mother was brought up on a farm:: and she said their I was a man at the farm saying, the Farm is changing if you want anything come and tell me and we will get it for you. and my mother was walking around the farm and she saw the sign her father made. It had the name of the farm in it.::Twin Brook Farm, Richard J LeClair and Son:: And the man did, he went up and got it for her.
My mother woke up crying. She ran in to my room telling me the dream. And guess what she said...Lets go see if it is there...I want it. And we did, just because of my mothers dream, we went to her old farm, which she has not been too in 31 years. and she cried the whole way. My mother doesnt have any of her parents anymore. So this was rather hard for her. And the farm was her life, that was her life at her prime...she didnt want to see change but she knew she was going to.
We get there and it was just like the pictures. My mother was a mess. we go and knock on the front door. And the women who answered had lived there for 11 years. And she asked my mother if she wanted to look around. and my mother was more than willing. My mom kept telling me "everything is different, it wasnt like this when I lived here." and it was different, Ive seen pictures. And so my mom noticed that the sign was gone that she wanted. And she asked them if she knew where it was. And the woman said I think the man that we are renting the house from might have it in his garage. and so my mother gave her our phone number and told her to call if he has it.
We ended up staying for about 2 hours. My mother told her stories and the history about the farm. And what everything was and what its purpose was. And everything was still kind of there. The House was the same, but the inside was different. The Barn was the same, but falling apart, and the Garage was the same but was unattended to. And my mother was sooo....gone. She took a trip back to her child hood and didnt want to return. She was there with her family doing the work that she loved to do. The women that was with my mother was asking question and my mother was answering them left and right, going into so much detail. I could tell that my mom missed it but she knew it wouldnt be the same with out her father to be there and run it all. My mom cried the whole way back home. Thinking about what she has been through. She lived in that house for her whole childhood and she could barely recognize it anymore. She missed her mother and father so much. And I didnt know what to do, I knew my grandmother but never my grandfather. My grandfather died when he was 49. And after his death they had to sell the farm to support the family. My grandmother said that that was the hardest thing she ever had to do. That farm was her husbands life, it was who he was. and to sell it was saying that it was really over. So when my mother and I got home I asked my mom more questions and more stories about the farm. and she told me. Then I asked her when she was going to write her book....and she said she didnt know. and then I said what if I took time away from my schedule to help you write it. What if you talk and I can type it out. And her face lite up so much. It was like a dream for her to have this book about her life written. And any of you who know my mother know she had an interesting life. So we started today for about an hour before I had to go to work. and we got a page, a page of many more to come.

If you think it would be cool, if you think I should, I can put up each page we get farther into my mothers book...if you actually want to read about it. I dont know...tell me if you think it is a good idea!

And also after working at Pop's, hung out with Jill....till 11:30....and we never left McDonalds!...yup were that cool! JILL I LOVE YOU!
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